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Keaton Beach-Scallops?

Does any one know how the scalloping has been in this area? Planning on being there later next week.


  • flg8rfanflg8rfan Posts: 8 Greenhorn
    23Grady wrote: »
    Does any one know how the scalloping has been in this area? Planning on being there later next week.

    Went last week. Water was clear but didn't find any. Headed south towards the hatch to where the boats were

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  • Jim311Jim311 Posts: 4,961 Captain
    From what I've seen there are not nearly as many at Keaton as previous years. I checked all my best spots without much success. I covered a lot of water too. Ended up with half a limit in a couple hours of trying.
  • 23Grady23Grady Posts: 41 Greenhorn
    Would you recommend I run south about 7 miles to Big Grass Island or do I need to run further south? Thanks!
  • ReefRocketReefRocket Jacksonville BeachPosts: 987 Officer
    I was in Steinhatchee after Father's day for about 10 days. We tried from the paddle boats and finally rented a boat from the Sea ****. We went south out of the river to Rocky Creek and saw the masses of boats. I didn't do well in 6 ft of water at high tide, but my sweetie did. When the tide let out, I did ok and we hit our limit in a 4 hour time.

    Two days later we had a house full of kids so we had a charter lined up. We thought paying the experienced captain would really show us what we didn't know. He pulled up withing 100 yards of the exact same area were were in at Rocky Creek, out a bit from the shore, but in the middle of the pack of boats. We hit our boat limit within half day. We liked it so much, we hired another guy for a half day the following day and we went back to same area. We limited out in 3 hours (boat limit).

    Captains did say that once this area was 'done' the norm would be to move south of this area to the next.

    Good luck. I had never done this before and loved it.
    Bobby Riggins, 904-626-8407,
  • 23Grady23Grady Posts: 41 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the response! We will be putting in at keaton Beach so it looks like we will be working north of Steinhatchee and hope for the best.
  • Big Bend BrianBig Bend Brian Posts: 1,443 Officer
    A friend went to Keaton Beach last weekend and they did not find a single scallop. He was limited to a small jon boat but still he should have found them if they were there.
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