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Skyway Snookzilla

rkotinskyrkotinsky Posts: 155 Officer
June 24th - 2017

Launched early Saturday morning from the Skyway bridge and began working the mangrove shorelines. Landed a couple small snook as I watched bait breaking the surface. A few more casts and a small trout hits my Z-Man paddletail. I begin running out of mangrove shoreline as I approach a point with deeper water. I see a lot of scared mullet breaking the surface so I cast into the ruckus - BAM - big fish on. Felt like a red fish but she made a rush to the groves and I locked the drag down to keep her away but I failed to turn her. Dropped the rod tip low into the water and avoided a quick cutoff. Tried to horse her out, but I failed and she lightly wrapped me on some branches. Drove the yak into the groves and hoped for a quick grab before she made another run. Grabbed her by the mouth and pulled her into the yak. What a rush and relief, almost lost her. The big one did not get away.


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