SLI Offshore 6/24

Late report
Out the inlet about 6am. Headed to Bull Shark for bait. Sardines were few and far between. Picked away at them for a little while then headed to Evans to try to find them there. About the same results. Heard later that the Sandpile was the place to be.
With only a handful of lives we deployed the high speeding gear and headed towards the Hill. Had a good hit in 120' but it came unglued near the boat before we could ID the fish. Redeploy and pick up a small bull dolphin in about 225'. Never even knew the fish was on. Happened to notice that the drag was slipping slightly and figured we picked up some weeds on the trolling weight. Dragged him around for about 10 min, decided to switch to ballyhoo, brought in the gear and there he was! Side note: he spit up a baby sailfish when he hit the deck.
Started to troll to the Hill when we heard a mayday from a 31' CC. Said they were taking on water 8 miles north of us. Pulled in lines a dropped the hammer to their coordinates. Before we got there another boat arrived on scene and reported they had gotten up on plane and were following them in. Good job helping out whoever you were! Decided to head in and do some bottom fishing. Picked up a few nice Lanes and an Almaco. Ran past a pack of Cobia on the way back in about 35' but they dove deep. We blind cast some jigs with no luck.
Headed to Sebastian next weekend. First time up there. Hoping to do well snapper fishing. Going to be a big learning curve though having never been up there. Wish me luck!
Tight lines all.

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  • Kill N TimeKill N Time Posts: 467 Deckhand
    At least you got some dinner. Good karma coming your way for helping out with the mayday. Hopefully it come back to you with some good snapper fishing in Sebastian!
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