Peanut fire drill

I took my friend Anthony out fishing and at 7 am the fleet was gathered at bull shark and we joined in the foray.
My buddy was new to offshore fishing and sabiki bait catching but we managed to get some baits in the live well
and the plan was to fly the kite when and if the wind picked up.
Plan B was to troll some ballyhoo's ,after stopping at evan's for the elusive live baits we worked our way out to south Push Button Hill and deployed some rigged baits and hooked up to a high jumping peanut about 18" which we kept behind the boat and we got 2 more hookups and the peanut got off his hook and the long rigger had the only decent mahi and when I got to the boat and thought it was an easy sling into the box:grin:banghead:willynilly.
Our score for the day was 0-3. There was some BF Tuna's being caught out past the hill .
We had a good time and I taught Anthony all the mistakes we could make in a day:grin


  • JIMinPBJIMinPB Posts: 1,875 Captain
    You showed your buddy some action & probably wet his appetite for future trips. I'd call that a success.

    Thanks for the report. I'm glad to hear that the mahi & bf are still hanging around up there, even if the mahi were mostly on the small side. The way that those things grow, it will not be long before the little guys are keepers.
  • Flight RiskFlight Risk Posts: 2,450 Captain
    Nice going John! Sounds like you had a good time out there. :fishing

    Pura Vida!
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