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June Catchup Post! Inshore and Offshore

First cast was in 15ft on a wreck and got a nice keeper cobia on a freelined threadfin. After that we kept getting break offs couldn't get the cobia out of the wreck then the sharks moved in. Headed to 30ft next, where we had no current or wind, so it was miserably hot with no bite. Caught like 30 under sized gags at the next spot and a few decent sized snapper. Then moved one more time and it was nothing but Goliath Grouper!! Still good to get back out there.

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Goliath Grouper are such a problem!
A couple of our spots arent even fishable anymore!! Whether I'm bringin in a grouper, snapper, sheepshead, or grunt it doesn't matter. They never make it to the surface. I've seen cobia even get eaten on the way up. I can't believe how much of a problem they have become. They need to be harvested again.

Just fighting goliaths video

Ozello slammin
Finally got back in my little boat to give ozello another try. I get so frustrated with how fishy every cove or mangrove island looks and catch nothing. Pretty quick I got some nice reds 23" and 26". Lost a couple other slot reds and caught a baby snook. Figured we should plan for rain after 1:30pm so we looked for trout quick and caught a handful before getting bored with them since catching trout in 8ft of water in 15mph wind is no fun. Bounce around looking for snook before heading back, managed 1 little baby. Happy I got my first ozello slam with a couple nice reds finally.

The funniest thing I've ever caught on film

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