I know it's legal ,but....

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Just got back from 4 weeks in Key Colony Beach , and spent a number of days enjoying bridge fishing. I fished a number of bridges, but tended to fish the 7 mile bridge. On 2 occasions free divers (spear fishermen ) decided they wanted to work the base of piers that were being used by fishermen. I have been fishing many years, and spearfished for at least 10 of them. If someone was in a spot I respected their "seniority" and pushed on to another. If I set up to fish and saw divers present, I'd leave and work another area. One of the crew said it "doesn't scare fish". But my experience tells me otherwise. The stupid ones remain and soon wind up on a plate, the larger ones are gone. A little bit of consideration for others, goes a long way. It's a big ocean, and there's room for everyone. It just takes a little more effort.


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    Not cool. I've always followed the early bird principle. I will never dive a spot that someone else is already fishing. If it's a big publicly known wreck or number, I might pull up and fish but I always extend the courtesy of asking if someone is already there. This usually occurs while I'm trying to catch bait on artificial wrecks. Rarely does anyone have a problem.
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    Actual is illegal to spear next to fishing pier, like 55' or so.

    And poor manners.

    I spear fish too and wouldn't have done that to you.
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    sorry, meant 500'
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    Yep, illegal if within 500' of a public fishing bridge/pier etc.

    Call the law next time.

    And I spear too.
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