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Fish Kills

DES51DES51 Posts: 188 Deckhand
The freshwater canals are getting down to dangerous levels now. A couple of places that I fish have only 1-2' of water left in them. If we don't start getting some rain I expect to see fish floating any day now. Reminds me of the winter fish kills we have up north. The oxygen levels have to be getting quite low. <(((((><


  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 10,162 Moderator
    Finally some rain up here yesterday. Lakes are low .
    "You'll get your weather"
  • mplspugmplspug Palmetto FloridaPosts: 10,200 AG
    I have been concerned about the neighborhood retention pond. The fish activity seems to be off with the lower water and I haven't had the success I had the last 2 years. I decided to get some bigger baits and fish for 5 lb+ fish, since I am getting a little bored with the 3-4 lb bass. I caught a 4.5 lb fish Saturday and she was fat and healthy, so I am no longer concerned. In fact, for this particular pond, the bass may be benefiting from the lower water.

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