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56 tarpon in one week... and one catch I'll never forget

Well this past week proved to be a good one. A new personal record was set with 56 tarpon put in the air throughout the week during 5 charters. We covered a lot of ground... hitting all of the usual spots in Charlotte Harbor, Myakka River, Peace River, Boca Grande, Placida, and more. Some late nights and some double charters ending at 5:30AM. Some early season scouting paid off also as we jumped quite a few tarpon in some not-so usual spots. Hogy lures were the go-to lure this week, but some tarpon were had on shrimp, crabs, mullet, and others. Some days were calm, some of them we got a little wet... ok a lot wet. But at the end of the night we were talking about the drag running and the aerial show we just got done watching.
I will say though, without question, that my favorite charter this week was Tony and his big brother Ken. Tony and Ken were introduced to me through the Big Brothers and Big Sisters club of Englewood, and I had the honor of taking them out this morning and jumping 3 adult tarpon with them. Guys, I'm not saying this to make myself seem like I'm doing something special here because I'm not... but if you can spare the time please consider being a big brother or big sister to a young boy or girl. Tony has an amazing story to share and I feel so privileged to have met him... I hope I was able to show him and his big brother as good of a time as they were inspirational to me. Hug your mom, dad, son or daughter... and share your passions and joys with them... you just never know when you won't be able to do it again.

Now go catch some tarpon!!!

Tarpon... everything else is just bait.
Captain Keith - Crooked Rod Charters


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