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Miamimuttonman reef fishing report 4/28/17

The reef is coming alive bottom fishing is the best way to bring home dinner. We have been catching plenty of yellowtail and releasing some very nice groupers and a few muttons, the bite is getting better each day.
There's plenty of bait on the reef between 50 and 70 ft speedo and ballyhoo have been getting chased by AJ's and
Mahi the flat line should always be ready to cast out so you don't miss the action.
Grouper season opens May first and they are around, remember to look for them on big drop off and use big baits and strong gear and be ready for the sudden mac truck pull, don't forget the first ten seconds is critical to turning its head away from the rocks.( 24 " min size for blacks) three grouper per person but only one can be black or gag. Don't forget to have your fishing licens with you. Good luck and tight lines to all.
Here are the recent catches for more go to www.instagram.com/miamimuttonman779CDF59-11C2-4722-932D-BA031E5A58B3_zpsuewynmkf.jpg0DACCDBD-B096-4BB9-8B61-A2AEB2C044D3_zpsxd19fadi.jpg5023DF2C-C370-42A0-A257-E731BC8A052A_zpspfv7xh0p.jpg1FBAA2DD-8E9A-4A91-B444-46DA96B72649_zpsa35fk5g5.jpg31D1B837-FB17-4126-9F03-6C44B4CB8AE4_zpsgq2xlhr0.jpg3563ECCF-8D2D-425B-92B1-D779C03D1881_zpsqwfpzalc.jpg69678598-6BB3-4ECF-B9CF-89B77741D23A_zpsoutjjrjd.jpg31C9DE78-41F3-4B23-8E06-5204B988B439_zpsegatule9.jpg


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