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Jupiter 4/29...ROUGH...with a day saver

Figured NOAA must have been exaggerating about the weather prediction, so we decided to fish today. Loaded up on some sardines from Matt and headed out to tempt fate. Well the prediction was pretty much spot on, maybe a little under-estimated. Steep, close, stiff East wind. Some whitecaps here and there. Took 2 breakers over the front of the bow. Reeled in 3 bonitos on the troll out front. By about 10 we were beat up and not feeling great. Out in 120 or so the remoras found us drifting live baits and were incessant. Back on the troll, we took a couple more over the front, and decided we had enough. Pointed it to the lighthouse and trolled in. At the last minute, in about 65 feet right in front of the inlet, we were going to reel in and wham! The long skirt gets hit and a gaffer is doing cartwheels. Took a while to get him in, partially because I think I need to recalibrate my gaff. I couldn't hit crap with it.

The day was saved, we trolled a little around the 60-80 foot line but found nothing else. Came in by 11:30. Decided to anchor up and use up the rest of the sardines. Had fun catching a snook, a grouper (that went back), and a freight train that got out in the current and was off before I could get the anchor up to follow it. No idea what it was but it was big. Listening to the radio it seemed most were like us, trying to figure out how long they could take the abuse.
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