Farting Etiquette

So on the heals of the Flamingo thread, I was having a discussion with a buddy of mine and was wondering what and where is it cool to fart?


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    How old are you? Last I checked this was a fishing/ outdoors forum.

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    That's an Off Topic discussion. Post it there and you will get answers.
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    PM Polar, he is the resident expert on this subject.
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    This is very relevant, i think when fishing it ok to fart whenever. and as much as possible!!!
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    ****, go to the kids forum.
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    Scarecrow wrote: »
    PM Polar, he is the resident expert on this subject.

    How so? Has he crushed a Dion's at 5:03am on a Saturday morning, because to me, unless he has done that, well...not an expert.

    So I'm in the men's after an all you can eat churascoria places with 3 diet cokes and I have to crush it something terrible. When I did, dood next to me got offended....yeah....kind of like the uptight folks that are calling this a fishing forum. What to do? Keep a poker face or give him a big grin and walk out before him without washing my hands?
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    Never trust a fart,you may soil your pants.
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    All i know is, everytime out fishing with the guys, farting is a category, along with crapping in the bucket... i apologize if anyone is offended..
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    If you've never vomited and **** off the side of the boat in the same trip - you haven't lived.
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    If you've never vomited and **** off the side of the boat in the same trip - you haven't lived.



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    There's a little creek just north of Lostman's that I affectionately call "Mudslide Cove" that may still have a pair of Big Daddy Huge's Fruit of the Looms hanging in a mangrove tree, fluttering like a surrender flag after a terrible defeat.

    And let me be clear----all of us were defeated after experiencing the incident. BDH, me, the boat, a raccoon or two, the fiddler crabs in the mangroves, and a couple of unlucky mullet. All of us were ready to surrender.
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    Odd topic. I have a friend who goes with me from time to time. They call him "senor peo" (Mr. Fart). I call his farts "low tide". They are devastating and defy the laws of physics. One day we were riding out 25mph into a headwind, he farted and it effected everyone on the boat including the ones In the front. Yes his farts travel upwind. We slowed down, his own fart made him throw up. If you are out in the ocean and smell it, it might be my buddy.
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    Loud, Proud and Often. If the fish are biting no one will notice. If the bite is off it passes the time. (pun intended)

    If women are on board, silent and deadly, unless you are in close proximity to a known offender you can blame it on.
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    Farting great thread. Late night drinking, late night stop at Waffle House, and letting one rip wearing Grudens at 6 in the morning making oneself throw up. Starting a small chain reaction on the boat going through a no wake zone. Funniest **** scene I have ever started.
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    One night, two buddies and myself are night fishing in some rough seas. The bite was slow so we all laid down to get some rest. All of a sudden one of my buddies farts so loud that I thought the hull was cracking ! It was very quiet and all of a sudden my other buddy yells out "Just make it clap" like the song. I laughed so hard I almost **** myself, and yes never trust a fart because what you think is gas just may be solid.
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    In the bait shop to get the line empty.
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    Last year we were island hopping in Marathon and the girls went off to explore while we were goofing around. they came across what can best be described as a dinosaur **** that had to have come out of a human. We promptly left the island.
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    Cup of Cheese.

    Too bad the video doesn't work anymore.

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    To respond to the op:
    What is cool to fart - anything that doesn't leave a residue.
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