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July Fishing

Hey everyone!
I know this is super early but I am tagging along on a business trip of my girlfriend's in July from the 14th-18th to Ft Lauderdale. She will be working most of that time so it will just be me looking to do some fishing. I will be bringing my surf stuff from previous trips to Florida and have a rental car. That is about it. Anyone have any leads on groups that are coming down that time that would have room for one more on a charter, or someone going out that would consider an extra person to tag along with them. I'll do more than my share of the work and pay at least my share of the expenses and then some. I'm not looking to be a free loader by any means, I just can't trailer my skiff from Kansas to Florida reasonably and try to fish where I never have. I don't have a few grand to throw out there each day either, but if anyone that charters wants to make a decent deal I would even consider paying more to be able to have a great day on the water. I am interested in anything from inshore, to offshore, to freshwater. I am an open water certified diver and have a spear gun as well. Seriously, I am interested in ANYTHING. I just love to go fishing. Please let me know on anything that you can think of.



  • miamihurricane34miamihurricane34 Posts: 145 Deckhand
    There is a fleet of boats out of Pompano called the BOLO. They mix chargers and are only $99 per person. They have a facebook page, I believe they mostly troll, but they catch a bunch of small tuna, wahoo, kingfish, and dolphin.
  • H20dadH20dad Posts: 2,091 Captain
    Sea legs 111 or catch my drift.

    Party boats but you can fish with your gear. If your gf is working nights that's when I prefer to fish. Get some reef fish action which is a blast on 12 or 15# mono.

    Sea legs might be dropping deeper during the days for yellow eye and vermillion snapper if the season is open. Call them.
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