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SI offshore 4/25

Headed out surfing the nasty 4 foot chop from the west. Water temp at 80 feet is down to 74. Get to 110 and its down to 72 and I'm thinking this is gonna suck.
Set up and troll on a SSE heading. Blue skirt goes off and its a modest king. At least we got a bite. Re set, same rod goes with a screamer. Few minutes later its gone. Equipment fail, eye broke on trolling sinker. Next another hit and its a small 'fin, but legal. Then another small one.

Re set and by now we are in 170 south of bethel. Bullet behind bird chain tease goes. Much better fish. Decent cow gaffed and boxed.

Continue SSE for a while, thankfully seas are laying down so we can troll a NNW heading. We re trace our steps and find a nice slick with weeds and junk. Start kicking up tons of flyers. Short line goes off, screamer and its gone. Long line goes, same deal. I dump the spools on both rods and we are hooked up. Real nice bull starts an aerial show that lasted probably to 20 minutes. Got him to the boat twice only to run and jump again. Finally stuck him and boxed him. Trolled another hour without a hit. Pulled lines at 2:30 and headed west.

All fish came in 120 to 170, water temp maxed out at 76. Blues and white and lime green skirts, blue sparkle bullet heads did all the work. Special thanks to Marcus at Tamer Tackle the bird teaser and bullets are great lures at a great price from a great guy.

Awesome day that turned out way better than expected for a couple old guys.


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