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Boca Inlet 4/25 Sailfish and Shark encounter on The Raft.

I took my 15ft inflatable raft out Tuesday morning. Caught a couple dozen pillchards pretty quickly and headed offshore. The south west wind made for some less then optimal fishing conditions. Around 10am my spining rod with 20lb test starts screaming and a sailfish was dancing across the top of the water. As I got the sailfish closer to the boat an 8ft bull shark appeared. The shark bit off its motor (tail) and took another bite out of his back about 10 ft from my raft.

I also hooked a 30lb class dolphin as I was fighting the sailfish. I was by myself so I was trying to fight both fish and the dolphin broke off. The rest of the day I caught 2 kingfish and caught another 8ft bull shark that I fought for 45 min.

On a side note has anyone eaten sailfish and if so how does it taste?


  • JaxJax Posts: 77 Deckhand
    It's great smoked.
  • Serenity NowSerenity Now Posts: 440 Deckhand
    What JAX said. Also congrats must have been quite a show from the raft!!
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  • JIMinPBJIMinPB Posts: 1,875 Captain
    Must everyone I know of will smoke a sailfish if they keep it. I hear that sailfish tastes oily otherwise. Some people have told me to let them sit in the frige for two days before smoking them, to let the muscles relax. Supposedly that makes them come out more tender.

    I think that there is a rule about landing them with fins intact. I think that you need a HMS permit to keep one. I believe that there is a reporting requirement within 24 hours of landing one.

    According to the FWC website, the current state rules say that the HMS permit is not needed to fish for them in state waters, but it is not clear to me if the permit is still required to keep one or not if it was caught in state waters. In the past, I think that the state rules said that fed rules apply in state waters. This may have been changed recently, or I may be confusing the rules for sailfish with the rules for another type of fish. I think that you are still required to land them with fins attached. I think that is a silly rule, especially in the case of a shark attack, but I think that is still what they have on the books.



    A sailfish on 20# gear is always a handful & usually a very good show. The shark attack must have added a whole other level of excitement to the event, especially on a raft. Add kings & mahi to the mix, & that makes for a really great day out there.

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