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Fishing report compilation April 1 to April 22 SLI

Been an interesting month which has flown by so going to get caught up on posting some reports.

April 1- took the wife fishing on an afternoon trip. The seas were flat with little wind. Started in about 120 fow and trolled for about 2 hours having 3 of our baits bit in half but nothing else. Head out to about 250 fow and found a nice weedline. Setup and just after starting our troll a very large dolphin came up to the boat to investigate before diving before we could get any chum out and it didn't hit any jigs we threw. Turned around to troll back over where it was and hooked into a very large sail which my wife fought for over an hour. By the time we got it to the boat was getting late so we headed in. Trolling naked ballyhoo on planers and topwater around 4mph. Wife was thrilled to get her first sail.

April 8- headed out into a pretty good wind and 3ish foot seas. My friends had talked me into going around 1:30am the night before so wasn't in the greatest shape but had given my word we'd go. Found a nice weedline around 100fow. Trolled for about an hour and hooked into a small schoolie fin. Kept it on the rod, threw the chum bag out, and maintained position next to the weedline while everyone threw chunk bait and frozen mullet at it. Over about 3 hours ended up catching 4 keepers in the 25-30 range and around 15 or so small ones that went back. Overall great day

April 22- headed out into pretty "sporty" seas and made it to around 6 miles out and proceeded to troll in a north south line to the edge of Ft. Pierce and back. Slow day but caught a small sail and pretty decent Bonita. Trolling naked ballyhoo on planer and flatlines around 4 to 7mph.

Think that will get me caught up.


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