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Finally the Debut - The Charter Boat Fishing Club

After numerous requests from customers about something more "Exclusive/club" or "private" we have developed the Charter Boat Fishing Club (CBFC).

Far cheaper than owing a boat, and far less hassle than a boat club, you can finally afford to fish on large well maintained vessels with a full crew that's knowledgeable on where the bite is every day, rigged with top shelf gear for every type of fishing, and have fresh live bait on every trip.

No Blackout Dates, all you do is book, show up, fish, and take your filleted catch home!

No tipping, no worry, no sweat, no obligation. Split the fees with as many friends as you like, buy a block of hours or fish hourly, a range of boats from 28-54 feet and we will be adding as we gather additional members so we can never have blackout dates.

The official debut is at our annual seminar on May 7th, and we will be accepting applications starting on May 8th, we have 11 members in line for the Elite Package and can only accept 31 members for 2016 or until we add vessels and will gladly place anyone with interest on a preferred list until we launch. For any questions, please message me.

Have you ever calculated what you pay to run/keep/maintain/insure/store your boat and fishing hobby, annually? You can fish on 30, 40 and 50 footers for a fraction of that...



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