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4/19 Key Largo Patch Reef

I came down for a week from the Melbourne area and brought the boat. As most of you know it was super windy with a SCA in effect. Anyway, got out there to a patch reef with a nice 16 to 30ft drop and put out the chum bags for a while. Netted a ton of ballyhoo to take back with me for the dolphin run up in my area. Caught a few barely legal snapper to take back to the condo for dinner. Right when I was finishing up 2 cobia appeared behind the boat. One ate a ballyhoo chunk and I put it in the box. The other one wouldn't eat anything including a live bait. With the wind not letting up I headed in.

I also went out 2 days before on Monday to a different patch reef area and had a large blue runner down on the bottom. First hookup got broke off in the leader section. Second lost fish was on 50lb fluro with a 5/0 9174-BR mustad hook. Carefully fought the mystery fish for 25 minutes and never saw it. Snapped the hook right where the bend in the hook starts. My buddy sent me pics of bluefin in the sand flats down in Islamorada. Maybe it was a tuna? Who knows.

It was our 5th time staying at Port Largo and we had a great time just bar hopping the rest of the days and will be back in the fall! We stopped over at that Gilberts place for the first time and it was like little Miami over there. Man you guys have some ridiculous sunsets!


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