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Mangrove Snook

22 April 2017...May be getting too old for fishing all night tournaments, took a 2 hour nap when I got home. No time to sleep on the water, might not make the cast that nets the winning fish. Same thing for food, Monster and coffee fill the bill. Not one of the better days for catching. Wind really made it hard to fish a lot of areas. The rain and cold came in as demoralizing factors. Decided to launch at Riverside in Vero, a real well thought out set of ramps, wind not a factor. First 5 stops, nothing. Finally at the North Sister Flat, a 19 “ Trout on a Rapala Skitterwalk. A few casts later, a 4 # Sailcat, was dreaming Red the whole time. Head to the first cut off of the ICW, hard time, wind straight down the pipe. Snapper and Short Snook on the menu. South to the Johns Island Bridge. A few pops, but other than that, no visible activity. Again, Snapper and short Snook. Back out to retry the Sisters, small Jacks. Back to the bridge, current ripping, wind whipping and rain coming down. Good cast tight to the pilings with the Matrix Shad, bump, solid hit and run. Overslot Snook, chewed through the 25 # test leader on the first run. Decide to try Mangroves in Oyster Cut, 4 # test with 15 # leader with the Elaztec Shrimp, looking for Reds. Highly structured pocket, bump, good set. Pair of big jumps, Snook. Three times down to the Cajun Red backing. Real tough fight in the dark. Finally in the net, 35 inch Snook. Worked further back into the cut, big Trout popping bait, but could not pinpoint her location. Again, small Snapper and short Snook. Finally, on a Mangrove point, a 19.5 “ Red. Time to hunt for a slot Snook or a Trout/Red upgrade. Big Sheeipes are in, no time, did get one that was keeper size. Trolling on the way home, hook up with another Snook, broke off in the Mangroves. Slow speed zone so figure might as well troll. Can not figure why I lose big Snook on 10 # and can land them on 4 #( think Daiwa). First honest slam of the year.


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