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Custom made offshore trolling lures - Hand made of the highest quality

nauti enoughnauti enough Posts: 159 Deckhand
Anyone looking for MADE IN THE USA hand crafted trolling lures need to check out Don Kings lures from
www.Koolures.com | Offshore fisherman and Captain . (303)-902-4269

I've scene a ton of nice trolling lures but I will tell you i'm highly impressed by these hand crafted lures.

Weighted center and offset with the most perfect colors your could ever want . If you like a product that is going to last and help catch tons of fish then you will want to check these out .

I purchased 4 of his American Express and have been in heaven with them . The 8 inch Red Eye popper and the 8 inch Door knob are fricking off the chain with the mahi . Don is a true artist and i'm proud to own his lures, he really knows fishing like a mad scientist

Just wanted to share !


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