Early hummingbird

ChuckcChuckc Posts: 4,397 Captain
Showed up yesterday at the empty feeder. He did more stretching and preening than I have ever seen a hummingbird do. This is a tightly cropped image shot handheld at 500MM and has been worked on some to brighten him up.

32911652133_c8bbe03420_b.jpgDSC_4982crop by Flcrutch, on Flickr


  • sparse greysparse grey Posts: 1,751 Captain
    Very nice.
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  • lbudlbud Posts: 1,014 Officer
    Very nice.

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  • mississippi macmississippi mac Posts: 4,215 Captain
    nice capture...rare to get one to pose for any photographer...
    nice work on the pp too...just enough to make it pop...

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  • ChuckcChuckc Posts: 4,397 Captain
    Thanks for the kind words. Hopefully he sticks around a while.
  • JWTJWT Posts: 427 Deckhand
    he must have been putting on a show in hopes you would fill the feeder! great shot, & the edit is spot on.
  • redsgurlredsgurl Posts: 469 Deckhand
    Oh wow. Wow again. *clapping*

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  • ChuckcChuckc Posts: 4,397 Captain
    Thanks Suz. Lucky capture for sure.
  • FlashFlash Posts: 11,099 AG
    Very good Chuck. Guess you sold that 300MM ??

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  • PROFINITYPROFINITY Posts: 199 Deckhand
  • ChuckcChuckc Posts: 4,397 Captain
    Flash wrote: »
    Very good Chuck. Guess you sold that 300MM ??

    Not yet but I haven't used it since I bought the 200-500. I've got a fair amount of gear I need to sell and roll into a new body I guess. Need to get off my butt.
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