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S.I. Offshore 4-21-17

Like everyone else we had a crappy ride out. Started out in 80Ft and set out all the lines. Pulled the 90ft reef for about 30 minutes with nothing to show for our efforts. Headed east worked our way out to 130. Worked that for a while [over the years 120 - 130 has been pretty good to me in the spring]. Nothing to show for our efforts again. Head east work out to 180ft again nothing. Getting a little discouraged but keep on trolling back into 130. NO ACTION. We heard a little chatter on the radio but nobody was killing it. A dolphin here and there was about it. Worked back and forth between 90 and 140 for a little bit longer and about 2:00 pm we called it quits and headed for the dock. Congrats for the few guys that caught some fins but for us it was a bust. Doesn't happen very often but we flew the skunk flag. :banghead


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