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  • Capt. ScottCapt. Scott Posts: 94 Greenhorn
    Dolphin fishing the past six weeks has been pretty **** good....




    And a nice number of these encountered....


    And I know I look like hell in this picture...keep in mind it was the 18th hour of my 23rd day in a row....just a little haggard....I went out at the end of my day trip in an effort to decompress....couldn't believe I pulled this off solo. 33 pounds. Three pounds over the world record, but with no of the most brutal 45 minute fights I've ever had

  • gladesglades Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    Good to see you old friend. Thought you should know that I am over in Naples now with a new boat and get as skinny as you want. Great pictures. I'm sure glad everything is going well. Answer your emails will ya'
    Keep in touch,
    All the best, Bruce
  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 3,070 Captain
    This pic was taken on Monday, along the Gulf coast of the 'Glades where we're solidly into our second tarpon season... The fish was taken on a 10wt rod with a small Silhouette fly in size 2/0. My angler, Andy Neary from Connecticut, was looking forward to his first tarpon on fly... I think this one qualifies... Here's a pic or two, including the pattern in use that day....

    The hook is an Owner Aki, size 2/0
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  • redjimredjim Posts: 774 Officer
    Capt Bob, as usual, such wonderful photos and a great trip! That was one heck of a first tarpon!!!

    Sir, if you have the time, might you explain the situation when you elect to throw the deep silhouette over the tarpon snake? Also I believe you like to throw a lot of black. When do you decide black over white if I may ask?

    Thank you!!!
  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 3,070 Captain
    The situation that day was one I find a lot this time of year. Lots of tarpon but in mixed sizes from 20 up to 80 and a bit over -widely scattered in four to seven feet of water. If only big fish were present the big, black fly would be my first choice but the big fly doesn't hook smaller fish very well at all (they bite -but we miss the hook-up using a large fly on a 4/0 hook...). Along with the variety of tarpon sizes present we could also see small finger mullet and decent sized pilchards getting hammered - that made the choice of the smaller fly an easy one. Me, I was expecting small fish but that big tarpon simply wouldn't let it get by him.... You'll note that although it's not a big fly it is tied up on a very strong sharp hook - light hooks get torn up by tarpon pretty easily (unless they're babies...). As far as color goes we use black for deeper waters where big fish are laying right on the bottom (the opposite of migrating tarpon) and we're going to be working slowly right down where they live.... Surprsingly that black fly in clear water can actually draw fish from a distance to attack it and anglers in other countries (central and south America, as well as Africa) report the same thing. In some circumstances black is just more visible to fish than anything else you work with.... that's just my opinion, of course.
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    Bob LeMay
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  • redjimredjim Posts: 774 Officer
    Thank you very much Capt. Bob. Very helpful as usual,......

  • BacklashBacklash Posts: 880 Officer
    Nothing too glorious, but what the hey..
    Stormy Saturday, good for whooping up on the Pennekamp locals..

  • JoeBCJoeBC Posts: 608 Officer
    Hit Boston and Seattle in September and crossed a few species off the list with the long rod, and the salmon was my first on any type of tackle. Always love being able to get a little picture of some other fisheries around the country. Both these places had waaay more bio-mass than anywhere in Florida, but less diversity.
  • TyFogtTyFogt Posts: 7 Greenhorn
    Can't figure out much fly fishing in college, but here's some pics I have from the docks back home...
  • gunner45gunner45 Posts: 13 Greenhorn
    Triple tail on bamboo
  • SUPER DSUPER D Posts: 649 Officer
    ML 1-31-16
  • redjimredjim Posts: 774 Officer
    Way to go, Super D! Darn trout is a beast!!!!
  • mbowersmbowers Posts: 492 Deckhand
    Reef donkey in Jupiter this week. 41" and estimated 37lbs on 10wt. Just sinking line in 100ft of water hoping for king mackerel but found an amberjack.

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  • tunatakertunataker Posts: 25 Greenhorn
    These guys are tough. Kings should be around.
    Would love to see the fly you used.
  • Capt. ScottCapt. Scott Posts: 94 Greenhorn
    Nice catch MB!!! Break out the Motrin....
  • RealSeabeeRealSeabee Posts: 583 Officer
    First Drum on Fly
    When Practice meets opportunity, Set-The-Hook!
  • Alex from GAAlex from GA Posts: 1,240 Officer

    Floating down the river and borrowed a flyrod I saw on a rock.
  • Native21Native21 Posts: 42 Deckhand
    Laid up snook on fly, Everglades
  • SUPER DSUPER D Posts: 649 Officer
    30" on a rootbeer and orange bend back.
  • saltybumsaltybum Posts: 1,572 Captain
    Very nice indeed Super D.
    Encouraging after that stinking algae bloom killed everything last year in the Banana.
  • SUPER DSUPER D Posts: 649 Officer
    Thanks, she swam free to make some babies. There was one almost as big following her to the boat. She was the strongets Trout I have ever caught, fought like a big Snook.
  • saltybumsaltybum Posts: 1,572 Captain
    Were you just blind casting around those docks or did you see her hanging around in there?
  • SUPER DSUPER D Posts: 649 Officer
    Yes blind casting, I have a few docks that I always throw a fly first. After working with fly I will throw a Fluke, or DOA shrimp. That dock has given up everything from Mangrove snapper, to Tarpon. Funny thing about docks is the dock next to this one, have never had a bite.
  • SUPER DSUPER D Posts: 649 Officer
    Passer byer, new friend, Rob took this picture of me. I think 100 +.
  • MonkeyBox SliderMonkeyBox Slider Posts: 6 Greenhorn
    Here are a few pics of fish from Lake O.
  • Bimini15Bimini15 Posts: 24 Greenhorn
    I would say that you deer hair bug is a hit!
  • Capt. ScottCapt. Scott Posts: 94 Greenhorn
    Just a little something fun...
  • SkiffmanBPKSkiffmanBPK Posts: 28 Greenhorn
    First snook on fly so the size really didn't matter. Ate a small white deceiver back in the Everglades.19d2e2159cf49241aefd527196342676.jpg8827a30a951694ee3f342af3f9016a51.jpg

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