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This wind Sucks!!

Looking for a little advice if you have a minute. My buddy and I were going to get the kids out fishing at least twice over spring break... Thinking Dolphin or flamingo.... Wind put a stop to that so we are thinking peacocks or bass....

Any advice - I used to fish Blue Lagoon a bit but last time I swore it was the last time. Jet Skiers :banghead

I always drive by the ramp and canal on the way into the park (ENP - Flamingo) so I thought I might drop in htere and check it out??? Also, I drive up 27 quite a bit north of 595 for work and I always see the ramps on both sides of 27....

Any help on bending the rods with the kids would be much appreciated... I have a 18' flats boat.. :cool::cool:

Thanks so much!!!!


  • MGDMGD Posts: 1,180 Officer
    u can go out to holiday park or one of the ramps off 75 /alley and fish the canals on the sides there
    I don't fish that a lot so don't have any intel but sure some here do

    Why not flamingo up in whitewater bay? Can always get out of the wind somewhere in there
  • northbiscaynebay1northbiscaynebay1 Posts: 70 Deckhand
    I have fsihed all of these areas recently. Florida Bay has been like chocolate milk all week but the winds are predicted to die off on Monday. There have been plenty of sea trout, small jacks, ladyfish, a few snappersa and lots of sharks around the banks and flats in the Sandy Key area. Also some big tarpon. If the wind is still blowing Whitewater, Oyster Bays and the coast north and south of Shark River are holding a mixed bag. The Glades have had some pretty good largemouth bass action plusa a ton of Oscars. A Rapala floating minnow has been klilling the fish. North Bay around 36th st. on both sides of the Causeway are holding a lot of small to medium size trout with a few large spawning females. Look for the mullet muds for the best action. Small groups of large jack crevalles in the six to 15 pound class are targe ting the mullet schools. You might get luckier then one of my last clients and catch the seven to 10 pound bluefish that cut our leaders.
    Good Luck!
  • Flat NutsFlat Nuts Posts: 72 Greenhorn
    Thanks guys!!
    I think we are going to hit the airport lakes and see what we come up with. I used to do well there. I will post a report. My question was would you peacock fish in metro area canals or go look for bass up 27 or out 75?
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