Insane canal catch!

Fished our local canals Sunday...normally target big snook. Occasionally we get an armored catfish, peacock or similar former aquarium dweller. Had not idea something like this lurked here! Amazon red tail catfish! Bottomed out a 50lb boga grip and taped well over our 36" ruler! Holy hell this was one heck of a fight on 15lb spinning gear, but my wife landed her! 45 minute fight! Freaking unreal!


  • Wra22Wra22 Posts: 151 Deckhand
    Awesome! How'd it taste?
  • 1outlaw1outlaw Naples FLPosts: 1,080 Officer
    Congrats!!.....Amazing what the swfl canal system holds LOL
    Jason :USA
  • Android77Android77 Posts: 486 Deckhand
    Hope you didn't throw it back. Stupid people releasing pets are really hurting our wildlife. Just put them in the freezer and out on garbage day.
  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 3,329 Captain
    Thank heavens most of the exotics that foolish folks have released into our local waters.... can't live much farther north than here....

    Among the various exotics we've caught over the years was a 10lb pacu - at (of all places) Port of the Islands....
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  • Soda PopinskiSoda Popinski GrovelandPosts: 10,679 AG
    Jeebus! River monster!
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  • area52area52 Posts: 519 Officer
  • Mister-JrMister-Jr Posts: 27,679 AG
    Pretty girl, nice fish.
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  • JSTickumJSTickum Posts: 412 Deckhand
    Nice catch , you never what lurks in these Golden Gate Canals
  • CapnAhabCapnAhab Posts: 250 Deckhand
    Thats crazy! Give Jeremy Wade a call. He can dial up a big catfish on the worst of days.

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