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Flamingo / GPS questions

My old Garmin 178C with South Fla chip is on its last leg. Still functioning but the screen is getting unreadable. I'm going to need to replace it soon. I'm starting to look at replacements. Do the new Garmins with the built in maps provide the kind of details the old chart chips provided? If not, do any of the other comparable chart plotter/bottom machine combos give more detailed data? I'm looking to try and stay in the $700-800 range.

I learned my way around when I was a kid (before GPS days) and still remember the main routes but I only get down there a few times a year and the details are getting foggy. At 70 we don't have much time to spend lost and learning :driver:

Any info or suggestions would be appreciated....and stayin' on the porch ain't an option.


  • Saltwater JunkieSaltwater Junkie Posts: 1,086 Officer
    Look at getting a Simrad or a Lowrance. Then add " Florida Marine Tracks - Florida-South Chip" I haven't seen anything with better map imaging.

    Here's the link to the Florida Marine Tracks website: http://www.floridamarinetracks.com/

    Good Luck... Pete
  • Zone RangerZone Ranger Posts: 82 Deckhand
    Thanks Pete, I'll check it out
  • BobberBobber Posts: 943 Officer
    Lots of gently used 541/546s units in the classifieds lately ($200 without transducer typically) and there's a guy on THT selling updated G2 vision cards for $100. That's the route I took and couldn't be happier, mostly fish the 10k with occasional trips down Mingo way. Big improvement over my G2
    Coastal chip for not a lot of money.
  • Pucker FactorPucker Factor Posts: 875 Officer
    Bob, its tough to beat the marine tracks deal. Seen complete newbies jump in behind the wheel in the Everglades and not only make it out alive, but without impacting the resource. My first time out into the park, barely made it to the end of the channel.

    Garmin missed the boat by not being compatible with this chip.
  • Flatwater witchFlatwater witch Posts: 606 Officer
    Seen complete newbies jump in behind the wheel in the Everglades and not only make it out alive, but without impacting the resource.

    You must be describing Heart & Shoal..............
    Renagade69 wrote: »
    Either you are mechanically inclined ore your not. The fact you had to ask told me that you can not do it. Its ok, not every one has this ability. Some people just have to pay.
  • ReefRocketReefRocket Jacksonville BeachPosts: 987 Officer
    Do any of you guys have the old garmin blue charts, used today only on the PC. Garmin technology prohibits adding it to old garmins.
    i mention this cause I have unlock codes for NE and SE Florida but looking for Gulf Coast, North Florida, around Steinhatchee unlock code.
    would be glad to trade. This stuff is no longer supported by garmin....but old stuff works pretty darn good...on pc.

    Also looking for Lowrance SD card for Lowrance gps 5000c. Has to be 1 GB or less on SD card (not micro sd)...not fash drive, not 1999, but 2004. I have bought the wrong thing twice! Just looking for Gulf of Mexico, east, SD card. Have other and it's all working.
    Bobby Riggins, 904-626-8407,
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