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3/22/17 PBI - long slow day with some fish and cool Tarpon sighting

Decided to hit PBI yesterday instead of our normal Jupiter. An old army buddy asked if I could take his dad out, so of course I was happy to oblige. Hit the water with west winds (uggghh) and flat as a pancake. Windfinder got it just a bit wrong showing 3.9 feet yesterday. We set up goggle eyes on the kite, flatline, and deep off Mar a lago in 80-90, then reset in 200ish following a ton of birds, back in to 120ish, all for nada. One quick zing on the deep bait and something took that one. We had to run in at noon and pick up my friend's dad at Sailfish marina, then back out.

Cruised the beach and spotted a cool pod of tarpon in about 6 feet. Probably 50 of them, and big ones. Looked like something you'd see in Islamorada. Plopped a goggle eye right in front of them and it looked like the parting of the seas. They just went right around him and kept moving. Threw a dead sardine and same drill. I'm sure chasing them around the beach didn't help but it was fun to see them like that. Would have loved to hook one up but it was not to be.

Ran out to Juno Ledge, set up shop on top and bottom fishing. Not enough wind for the kite at this point. After an hour of bringing up the trash can slam of triggers and lizard fish, we decided to make a run east and look for weedlines. In about 500 we come across a group of floats...game on, right?? wrong. dead. keep running, in about 690 or so we see tuna busting everywhere. Troll through them and pick up an ok one on the drone spoon. Ok at least we aren't skunked. trolled through busting tuna all over the 690 foot line but no more takers. Ran further out, and found a killer weedline in 790. Loaded with bait, everything looks great. But no dolphin. Late in the day, the last raft of weed before we pull the plug, I toss a gog at the weed and see green. Slinger inhales the gog, never seen such a small dolphin eat a whole gog before. Kept him on, looking for buddies but they weren't around. Called it a day around 5 and hit Sailfish Marina for some Moscow Mules :D

Adding a pic of the dolphin only because you can see the weed mat behind it. Unbelievable that it wasn't loaded with phins....but alas....it wasn't.
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