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Going to Cape San Blas July 1-15th

Hello all, just was wondering if I could get any advice on what/where/how to fish the Cape area. My brother has a 26 ft. Andros with a 300 Yamaha, power pole, and trolling motor. We are experienced fisherman, but have never fished the panhandle. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

We are interested in Blue water, wreck/live bottom, inshore, and flats. Also any advice on scalloping we be great also.

Species we are interested in are Reds, trout, flounder, spanish, Kings, TARPON, tripletail, wreck species and all the blue water species as well.

Very excited about fishing this area. I have heard the fishing is very good. We normally fish the Keys or Boca Grande area.

Again, thank you in advance for your responses.


  • tailwaterstailwaters Posts: 122 Deckhand
    Well you can do about everything you mentioned you wanted to at Cape San Blas. The buoy line leaving the bay is a good place to pick up bait or troll for kings. They have an incredible artificial reef program over their with at least a 100 spots within sight of land that generally hold ARS that might or might not be in season when you arrive. You can do a quick internet search to find numbers. Farther offshore you can find chicken dolphin, the occasional wahoo and some BF. Most of the reds I've caught were behind Blacks Island which is also a good place to scallop. You should be able to find some trout in that area too. Haven't done much tarpon fishing their but have over by Indian pass and west pass which is on either side of St Vincent Island. I've picked up a few random TT in that area too. Be sure to eat at the Raw Bar at Indian Pass when you visit. If you like shrimp or oysters, you won't be disappointed.

    You might want to read the fishing report on the NW section. The guy that writes it seams to fish that area. Good luck!
  • Cast and BlastCast and Blast Posts: 8 Greenhorn
    Thanks Tailwaters! Would you happen to know how far out the good wrecks are? Blue water? Rigs?
  • have kayak will travelhave kayak will travel Posts: 90 Greenhorn
    The recreational scalloping season this year in St. Joe Bay is 07/25 - 09/10.
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