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Giant Bluefish at Sebastian Inlet



  • mustang190mustang190 Posts: 10,104 AG
    Seem them that big at Matanzas back in the late 70's. Surf fishing using silver spoons. Nothing near that size here on the gulf.
    Fun to catch but not to eat, way too many other fish are better eating.
  • FlashFlash Posts: 11,212 AG
    kellercl wrote: »
    I could see dip and smoked blue being worth it. We straight up grilled with salt/pepper. A neighbor makes mullet dip, my lord that is yummy.

    I do mullet also and most of my neighbors prefer the Bluefish dip. We also do a Black 'N Bluefish that is quite good.

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  • kellerclkellercl Posts: 6,375 Admiral
    Flash wrote: »
    I do mullet also and most of my neighbors prefer the Bluefish dip. We also do a Black 'N Bluefish that is quite good.

    I need to start stopping by your place for dinner. :)

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  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 20,928 AG
    I had 3 today...left them chewing...the biggest one broke my landing net so I had to use my hand gaff to "lip" him...


    If I had a smoker guy...we would have had a bunch of dip making material... :wink
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  • evernicevernic Posts: 797 Officer
    lemaymiami wrote: »
    outstanding catch... I don't think most of the current generation of anglers appreciate just how good pier fishing was when I first came here in 1971... or how much fun it was to compete and try to catch the biggest fish on the lightest gear... I introduced a buddy to the old Lake Worth pier back in 1976 (April, May) - it was an hour's drive north each day... He got his first big jack, big king, and cobia that spring... The jack weighed in at 31lbs, the king at 44lbs, and the cobia also at 44 lbs. That spring I also caught my first and only african pompano off that pier - it weighed in at 35lbs and would have been a world record - except that the IGFA only added africans about ten years later to the record species list... That 35lb african on 15lb line (on an old Penn Jigmaster) will probably be the closest I'll ever come to a record... (It wasn't surpassed until africans had been listed for almost ten years...).

    Back then it was common for anglers to sell their catch so that's how I'm certain of the weights involved (we got paid by the pound...). Glad that sort of stuff isn't done any more. I figure the state is doing pretty good in fisheries conservation these days. With six grandkids at present it's nice to know they'll have a shot - if I can get them to come back for a visit....

    that's right I moved to FLL in 1969, anglins pier was hot !! spring mackerel I've caught 60 in 3 hrs fishing at the pier, 2-4 lbs.
    in 1980 a school of macks stayed off Dania pier for weeks...I caught 100 one day and quit...I Know a guy that caught 152 that day...2-4 lbs on crocodile spoons, I had a cramp in my right hand from gripping the reel seat that day !!
    2802 Trophy WA, 2x225Merc EFI's...sunk unamed storm 12-09looking for boat #10
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