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Monster Inshore Blue from Kayak

tdsdadtdsdad Posts: 5 Greenhorn
saw this guy's tail tip right behind a school of fleeing baitfish about ten feet in front of my kayak-tossed a jerkbait to it like I was pitching a purple worm to a bedding bass-the water is pretty dirty right now in Robinson creek, but I saw a huge mouth engulf the bait and scream about 50 yards of ten pound test braid off of my Inspira, even though the drag was set fairly stiff-my first thought was a huge trout, but this guy was super strong.....then, about 75 yards away, a magnificent tarponesque tail walk exploded on top of the water, making me think(be still my racing heart), I had stuck a silver king-five more water walking ballets and I realized it was a monster bluefish-normally unwelcome, but this time.....WOW-great fight, crazy runs and spectacular Marlin style tailwalking-over 33" and a really wide girth-one bluefish I won't soon forget-short video /www.facebook.com/100004870955778/videos/pcb.746520438853648/746520165520342/?type=3&theater


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