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Power handles?

Reel TealReel Teal Posts: 3,963 Captain
Looking at getting a power handle, probably the T Bar for my torium 20. Has anyone used these? Pros or cons?

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  • waldnerrwaldnerr Posts: 1,040 Officer
    I have T-bars on all of my larger reels from 50 wides through 130's. Great handles, but they're heavy. On lighter, smaller reels such as the Toriums, I much prefer the round-knobbed handles one can pick up on eBay from a fellow with the moniker "fishincomfort." I've put about a dozen of these on modified Jigmasters, Newells, and a Penn 113HLW. They really make a difference, both in leverage (although I avoid using reels to "power-winch" fishes) and comfort, and are very reasonably priced. I've found the medium-sized neoprene round grips work very well for my not overly large hands; I forget the exact size, but I think they're 42mm. If you decide to go this route, make sure you order both a handle blank and knob; fishincomfort lists these both together and separately for various reels.
  • Doc StressorDoc Stressor Homosassa, FLPosts: 2,722 Captain
    I agree that the large T bar handles are too big for small reels like a Torium 20. I don't even like them on my 4/0 Penns. I had Rick's Reel Service put a T bar on one reel and the round knob on the other. I much prefer the round knob. I somehow seem to miss grabbing the large T bar correctly on occasions and end up with only the bigger end in my hand.

    Try them both.
  • Reel TealReel Teal Posts: 3,963 Captain
    Do you like the after market round handles better than the rubber ones they come with? I kinda wanted to get away from the ball style and get more of a handle, but I don't want to throw off the balance too much. I'm going to be bottom fishing with this 98% of the time if that makes a difference...

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  • waldnerrwaldnerr Posts: 1,040 Officer
    I think that's largely a personal call. I prefer round, neoprene knobs/aluminum handles on smaller reels in most instances, but that's just me. I'm sure many others differ in their preferences.
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