Islamorada with a flats skiff...

Heading down to Islamorada for 3 days over memorial day. I've been to duck key during a hurricane, 2 times largo and torch for mini season, the yankee capt before and of course in the question is what to expect late may around Islamorada. Never stayed there and me and the new wife are going to spend the first anniversary there together.

I figure just head to the gulf side unless it's flat calm...maybe my first bone or some trout? Not big into tarpon or anything of that sort...if it's calm I'd like to try the reef line for some yellowtail.

We have a 17foot ankona skiff...not the most seaworthy. It's not my "fishing" trip as much an "us" trip. Headed to the yankee in July, just want to bend the rod a few days. Or any recommendations on a good spot to have a picnic on the boat? Figure I would just beach on a gulf key if needed.

Thanks guys...
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    I get down a coupe weeks a year in a Hewes and there's plenty of good fishing in the back if it's too sporty to run out t the reef to chum Yellowtails. The deep channels on the way out hold Mangroves and Trout and you can pole/drift the flats and sight fish. You're also an easy run over to Flamingo and East Cape to hunt Reds and Snook. Study Google Earth and a good chart for the "cuts"in the bars and shallows fo the run (most have private made markers).

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