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Personal best finally.

I've been trying for 37 years to catch a bass over my personal best 6-0 caught at Lake Castaic in CA. My buddy came from GA to fish with me for the week and he guided me to a new PB. He said he knows a big fish lake so off we go this morning. We take kayaks because the ramp is private and fenced off he said. After driving on dirt roads for miles we came to a lake with no one on it and commenced throwing frogs to spatterdock and lily pads. In fact a frog is the only thing we brought with us. He caught several small bass with none over 3 lbs and I'm skunked when I get a huge bite that comes off. A while after I get a bite that stuck. He caught 8-10 fish and I only caught the one 6-2. Then we got into the windy side and I couldn't fish it was blowing my kayak and line around so much. The paddle back to the truck was a ***** for and old man like me.






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