Help catching Triggers and B-liners

Having trouble catching both B-liners and Triggers. What size hook you guys using?


  • MaverickMaverick Posts: 703 Officer
    Triggers, I go small. 2/0 circle.

    Bees, I will bump it up to a 4/0 or 5/0

    40 or 50 lb leader for both, even in the deep stuff. I know you can get away with heavier, but its easier threading a loop or tying a knot to a 2/0 with the thinner leader.
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  • ShelShel Posts: 1,037 Officer
    Mustad UltraPoint Demon Perfect In-Line Circle 3 Extra Strong Hook (Pack of 25)
  • seahunt202seahunt202 Posts: 161 Deckhand
    I get the cheap circle hooks from bnm. The have big eyes to fish the loop knots through. Get the smallest ones that you can fit 30-40 leader through " mind you the leader will be doubled up with a loop knot". Fish about 20' or so off the bottom or just look at the
    Bottom and look what depth the fish are hanging out in. Bee's tend to hang above the structure quite a bit. When I dive these spots you can see them. Bee liners on top and grunts are on the Actuall structure. Hope this helps.
  • seahunt202seahunt202 Posts: 161 Deckhand
    Forgot to add trigger fish live fiddler crabs....
  • TmundyTmundy Posts: 48 Deckhand
    I prefer the 2/0 Live bait hooks with the short shanks for triggers using small strips of squid for bait (1/2" by 2"). This works just fine for Bees as well.
  • ChillyChilly Posts: 479 Deckhand
    I have seen both species caught on small sabiki rigs all the way up to 6/0 circle hooks for grouper and snapper. What makes you think you are having trouble ? meaning no bites? or losing fish?

    No bites- try a different area/mark. you could be off the spot. some times it is a game of mere feet in deeper areas or tight marks.

    Losing fish- are you getting the hook back? or breaking off?
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