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Sunshines and Shad * Navigating

**Navigation - for a few more days, MAYBE. Mud Boats, Airboats, Canoes, Kayaks or walking. No Mater what you have you WILL get out and pull it across sand and mud at some point. A Jon Boat will work but use a small one that you can drag across the sand and mud. This applies to south of HWY 46 and heading in to Lake Harney from the South. I know the waters and bottom of the river very well and I Hi-centered my Skiff once on Feb 2nd and got it stuck 3 times where my partner and I had to get out and push it off. I got stuck several times where I could get it off with the Push Pole. Trolling motor is of little to no use. Gonna be heading upriver for the run this year it looks like. A few at or over 4 pounds have been caught (North Harney) but no signs of the beginning of the run yet. Maybe trying Lake Monroe.
When Practice meets opportunity, Set-The-Hook!


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