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Sharks in february

I had a pretty successful week when I was down the week of Jan 6th, with some reds and lady fish and plenty of bass in freshwater. Coming down again the week of February 20th with a few buddy's that have since spread all across the country. We are again staying in Fort Myers and plan on targeting sharks from the shore and hopefully maybe a few tarpon and snook. Question is, how is the shark fishing in late February? Is it similar to the blacktip migration on the east coast? And what else might we hook into? Appreciate any info. I'm learning more about winter in Florida with every trip, since I've only started coming in winter in the past two years


  • MuskyChaserMuskyChaser Posts: 134 Deckhand
    I wouldn't compare it to the blacktip migration on the east coast, but there should be sandbars, spinners, blacktips, and maybe even some bulls around.
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  • whipachawwhipachaw Posts: 505 Officer
    You planning on beach fishing? Stay off ft myers beach. They don't allow it from what I understand. Sanibel and captiva is your best bet. If you have access to a canoe or kayak to get the baits out further that will help. They are around all year, but summer is always best. I would fish at night and if you get there early you can catch fresh bait like lady fish, jacks and mackerel to use once the sun goes down. Good luck.
  • Shore Catch FishingShore Catch Fishing Posts: 127 Officer
    If we're on a warm spell and no cold fronts for a week or two you'll see a decent push of lemons, sandbars, spinners, and black tips that time of year. They seem to love sheepshead carcasses in February...
  • AmericanApexAmericanApex Posts: 24 Greenhorn
    We're staying in Fort Myers but plan on fishing big Carlos pass, redfish pass, maybe Naples and bokeelia piers, and sanibel and lovers key from the beach. All places Ives had success in past summers and fall. Fort Myers beach is always a bust for me anyway...it's just fishing an underwater desert
  • MuskyChaserMuskyChaser Posts: 134 Deckhand
    Sanibel is your best bet. Big Carlos always has tons of boat traffic, plus once that current gets going it's pretty tough to get a bait to hold. I'm sure Lovers Key beach is good but that's a pretty long hike with shark gear. Naples Pier remember you aren't allowed to fish anything bigger than a 30w.
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