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Kansas deer & turkey - new lease

I recently leased 4,287 acres on the KS/MO state line from a family that farms it for soybeans, corn and cattle. 3,400 acres of it is in Bates County, MO. The other 887 acres is in Miami County, KS. I'm setting it up as two separate leases. The MO lease is outlined in my other FS ad. Here are basic details on the KS lease.

887 acres is in seven parcels within a 10 mile radius. Landowner is a working farmer and not a hunter. The land was not hunted at all last year and has been hunted only a few times in recent years. I have maps and trail cam pics of some fine bucks, plus the photo of a stud killed on the farm. As the landowner put it, the farm hunts big because of the layout. He recommends up to six members, but I think five is about right. It is my job to find the right five guys who know how to hunt smart. Each member gets 1 buck and 1 doe. Shooter buck must be 140" or better. Based on research I've done on this farm and this area, it is reasonable to expect 50% success rate. Put another way, each member will kill a big shooter buck every other year on average.

No locals will be allowed to join because they would have an unfair advantage and would hunt too much. Still working on food plot cost estimates but membership will be in the $3000-3500 range. No house included in the deal but the landowner may have one that we can rent if we choose to go that route. PM me for more info.
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