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Offshore tide forecast

I am about 2 years into my offshore fishing "hobby" with still a ton to learn but a fair amount of beginner success (luck) so far. One question - I have noticed like inshore fishing offshore can be hot or cold depending on underwater "current" or lack thereof.

What source do you use to predict tidal movements 30-50 miles offshore? Clearly has to be different that tide charts for Cape Coral, Sanibel etc?


  • ComandanteComandante Posts: 287 Deckhand
    There are pay for service sources available that offer near real time data in your area of interrest. Roffers. Ocean Fishing Forecast is just one example. In addition, I strongly suggest that you maintain a daily logbook for catch success at specific sites, but also to capture prevailing wind, tidal/ocean current and moon phase/rise, set. All of the above have direct influence on daily conditions.
    Capt. Gabe Kovacs
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  • ScoutboatScoutboat Posts: 2,392 Captain
    Tides influence inshore fishing, no doubt.
    Their influence off shore is negligible.
  • VeikxVeikx Posts: 611 Officer
    Tide matters if you are snapper fishing. If yellow-tailing you want a light to moderate current, slack is no good and so is ripping. Ripcharts is what I use for currents and is fairly accurate.
    Also as Capt. Kovacs mentioned everyday can be different. Have done multiple days in a row and each had a variable that was different between them all. Have to adapt to the conditions and change what your target is according.
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  • larrywittlarrywitt Posts: 2,760 Moderator
    Offshore no moving tide , no or just a few :banghead feeding fish . When chum Is going straight down it is a waste of good chum. Better wait till it starts to move again. Moon phase, bottom of tide, top of the tide, time of day, temp of water all effect the bottom fishing bite.
    Do we go when all the conditions are not good, sure if the seas are good and there is a crew ready to drop a line. But we know it will be a tough bite and a long day.
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