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Good times with Captain Ross and a few snook

For years I've been watching Captain Ross Gallagher's posts about tarpon and snook on Florida Sportsman and also on his website theintrepidangler.com . He's one of the guys on here that I've soaked up a lot of tips from over the years and as such I've been bugging him about going fishing with me for pretty much the whole time. Well the planets aligned and we were able to get together for a little much needed snook action. We fished a moderate outgoing tide and although the bite wasn't on fire, it was consistent and quality fish were to be had. In about 4 hours we boated 8 snook ranging from 24" to 31". We were hoping to get on some big ole fatty's but we'll take 3 slot snook in one night just the same. I typically pride myself on pinpoint casts but Ross definitely schooled me on casting accuracy and especially accuracy at distance. When fishing near structure it is so critical to cast as close to the structure as possible... missing your desired spot by 12" could be the difference between that laid up 40" snook seeing your bait or not.
Ross was trying out the new Hogy 4" paddle tail jigs that are pre-rigged and caught a few with them. I was impressed with their action and also how well they held up after a few fish. When the water slowed down he had good success with the 9" classic eel. I think I'm cursed with paddle tails because as usual, I didn't catch anything with them. My luck turned for the better though when I switched to the 7" classic eel and dragged a few healthy fish out from under the structure.
As was expected I had a great time with Ross and even picked up a few more techniques that I hadn't tried before. Getting to try out a few new lures for the first time was a bonus as well.


Tarpon... everything else is just bait.
Captain Keith - Crooked Rod Charters


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