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Offshore 1/21

Headed out before the big wind on Sunday. Turned off the Squax box after the second warning that bad weather was coming tomorrow. Don't need that kinda negativity today. Found bait, scattered in small schools. Wouldn't respond to chum, caught some pin fish and out redfish pass we go. Stop at 5 miles off, mark fish, anchor, chum, drop and catch about 20 grunts on squid in an hour. No bites on the live or cut pin fish. Go further out. Pass live bottom at 10miles out. Make a few drifts with squid and live pin fish. Nada. Out to Shermans. Slow troll some plugs. Nada. Drift some structure and pick up some Lizzard fish. Weather is nice, a little breezy but better than work. Crew gets queezy, head for the hill. Stop at a triple tail, it dives for the trap, small anyway. Get the crew on North Captiva solid ground and gather our composure. Drift Captiva pass a few times with live pin fish and Squid. Got a few bites. Call it quits. Saw a lot of action when we were getting bait this morning. Ill bet you inshore guys did much better than me today. Swore I saw a tarpon free jump in the pass. Saw a school of 40 cow nose rays.

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  • whipachawwhipachaw Posts: 505 Officer
    Sounds a lot like my past few trips
  • Capt Dan MedinaCapt Dan Medina Posts: 797 Officer
    We are definitely in an odd fishing pattern. I attribute some of it to the last year of freshwater runoff from okeechobee, as well as the transition to our "winter" season, and cooling water temps. 60-65 ft of water seems to be holding some decent fish. at 10 miles your still in that 40-50 ft stuff... most of the bait that we catch in 20-30 during the other seasons seems to have pushed out to that zone. Hell, spots out in 80-90 ft where i normally get some snapper/grouper, now I have been getting big pinfish and sand perch. They go into the livewell and get hammered later, but still odd to be catching them out that deep.
    A few other captains Ive spoke with have experienced the same kind of deal lately.
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