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Shell Key totally Closed up...pass going back to BIlly's from PAG channel...

I guess I haven't gone this way very often lately but we were out for a little cruise yesterday and there were a lot of people walking on the beach on shell key on the pass a grill pass side. Only a couple little boats so they didn't get there that way. So I drove down where there used to be a waterway making it an island and it is totally closed up, filled in, with a wooden walkway from the new condominium that is going up giving access to the "island". I was a little surprised at that, just hadn't seen it or noticed it before.

I would think that estuary back there is kind of screwed now. It had filled in with sand a couple years ago from one of the tropical storms but wow, now it is totally closed off. Is it even navigable coming in from Fort Desoto side? Those big houses there, can they even use the water?

Just surprised to see that...
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  • swordawetswordawet 337 miles WNW of GTCPosts: 646 Officer
    That channel has been filled in for quite some time now. The sandbar in front of the new condominium is also growing. I believe there are plans to build 3 more condos on that same location. You can see the docks of the houses to the south and if there is boat at the dock it's a flats boat. Most of the docks are vacant. Those people really had to adjust their maritime activities! It's my understanding that the sand migrated from the beach re-nourishment project on St Pete beach. It feels like dredged sand. The sandbar is a little "urban", especially when the condo was driving pilings, but not a bad place to hang when the wind is strong out of the SW......and its dog friendly.
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  • FusionZ06FusionZ06 Posts: 1,001 Officer
    Yes the fishing back there used to be good. Not so much anymore...
  • winderbillwinderbill Posts: 296 Deckhand
    use to access Billy's by boat, as I'm sure many did. You'd think they'd maintain access
  • linesider 159linesider 159 Posts: 828 Officer
    Ive been doing better there for fish in the last 7 months than i did the last 3 years
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    winderbill wrote: »
    use to access Billy's by boat, as I'm sure many did. You'd think they'd maintain access
    Same here... ...Lookin at the GIS info..If I were the owner of that property...I would yank that dock out of the water to save money on yearly $19K + property taxes
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