Last Week's Expeditions

Was able to squeeze in a few trips in the last week or so..

Hit the Banana with fly rod as the only weapon on board.. Spooked and line slapped a good handful of fish before I connected with one.. My second biggest red on the whip to date..


Got out in the skeeter lagoon as well and found good a good number of low slot reds but what really had our attention were the 10lb+ trout we were seeing.. I had one track my lure as it threw up a huge submarine wake behind it but it didn't commit.. Tracked it too close to the yak and sensed us and it took off leaving a giant mud cloud.. I think they heard me cussing in new symyrna :rotflmao



Went on a snook mission as well but it was real cloudy.. Sun never came out to heat up the skinny water but was able to squeeze one out..


Got out last night under the full moon.. Pretty slow, only got two hits from 8p-12a.. The first of which had my reel screaming and rod so bent the tip was nearly touching the water.. Picked up the rod out of the holder and he was gone.. That hurt my feelings lol because that fish was dumping line, no clue how that hook didn't find purchase.. Got a hook in the next one though..


Sure is nice to catch something other than drum for a change of pace :grin


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