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Not much fishing this fall!

I have not been on the forum much since June. The fall and winter are super busy with work and having 3 kids in basketball. Additionally, I've been spending a lot more time hunting as I can do it right up here in Wisconsin as opposed to traveling to SWFL. I did have one trip to SRQ in October that was relatively unremarkable. The weather was so horrendous that we couldn't make it much past 20 miles. We loaded up on kings but the bottom bite was sluggish, probably from the red tide that was around last fall.

Here's some cool picks from our hunting this fall. We started the season off with a fair amount of waterfowl hunting. The season was pretty slow overall, as the warm weather hindered the migration and we didn't see many migrating birds in October.

Here's a cool pic of my youngest son during the early Teal season. We ended up with 3 birds and 1 large spider bite, which sucked. It is sometimes tough differentiating teal from hen woodies and juvenile mallards so we passed on many birds as to not kill anything out of season. I have mixed feelings on the early teal season.

This was a field hunt during mid season and we were able to knock down a few Canadian Geese.

This is a pair of mallards from a quick afternoon hunt.

This was a great trip in Central Wisconsin where there is a heavy flyway.

After a mediocre waterfowl season, we switched gears over to hunting deer. Here's a view of one property I hunt which is mostly prairie grass. The food plot was in its first year so it attracted deer but wasn't amazing. Hoping for some better growth next year.

Here's a view of our other property which is a swamp in the middle of agricultural land. This is a heavy trail in the middle of our bean field.

Here are a couple pics on a morning hunt during the rut. I saw a big 10 pointer but he didn't ever get within archery range.

This is a view of the swamp during opening morning of gun season. Quote of the day... "Dad, I think I see something". Yes son, that's a doe standing in your shooting lane at 30 yards. He passed, as he was holding out for a buck

A late season hunt after the snow has fallen. We passed on this little guy.

We had a fantastic deer season, seeing tons of deer, learning a lot about the property, and harvesting 5 animals. We did get the clean sweep, getting a kill with all 4 weapons (bow, crossbow, rifle, muzzleloader). Here's a pic of a big mature doe we harvested during muzzleloader in Tigerton, WI. This is an area with tons of huge trophy bucks. My buddy is working on controlling the doe population so I was lucky enough to be invited up.

This was a dandy of a buck that I harvested deep in my swamp with the crossbow. It was an awesome rut hunt this year.

Here is the result of all of those hours invested in property management, scouting, and hunting. Grilled venison backstrap... doesn't get any better than this.

I hope you all had a great year and I will be back fishing next month.

Until next year, we'll be dreaming of big bucks.....


  • ComandanteComandante Posts: 289 Deckhand
    Always appreciate your posts, especially enjoyed the north country photos.
    Capt. Gabe Kovacs
  • joekat46joekat46 North PortPosts: 2,516 Captain
    Great pics. Thanks for the post.
  • britbrit Posts: 61 Deckhand
    Very interesting post and some great pics, thanks for posting.

    I am very jealous of the hunting you guys have your side of the Atlantic. We are very limited over here in England so don't have the opportunities you guys do.

    It is our game season at the moment so I have been shooting pheasant recently and this week I am shooting pheasant and ducks hopefully. ea38667c1d3f687fb4a8f3d48be50699.jpg

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  • RMDRMD Posts: 1,796 Officer
    Thanks for the comments, guys. Nice roosters, Brit! The DNR stocks those on some of the public land so we occasionally see them around where I hunt. I actually almost ran one over when I was retrieving a deer my son shot.
  • britbrit Posts: 61 Deckhand
    RMD wrote: »
    Thanks for the comments, guys. Nice roosters, Brit! The DNR stocks those on some of the public land so we occasionally see them around where I hunt. I actually almost ran one over when I was retrieving a deer my son shot.

    Pheasants are dumb. They know when they are in season here and when they are not they would rather walk than fly anywhere so often get run over!

    Here they are reared by Gamekeepers and then released onto private land (there is no public land to hunt here) and once released they are free to go where ever they like so they have to be encouraged to stay by providing food for them.

    I shot 13 on that day for 20 shots so did pretty well!

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  • Capt Dan MedinaCapt Dan Medina Posts: 797 Officer
    looks like your staying plenty busy up there in WI. OCtober was by far the windiest month Ive seen overall. I got blown out pretty much every day with the winds blowing at least 20 knots. Weve had some better weather here lately. Looking forward to this weeks tailed down weather....
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