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We have some fiends coming in this weekend and they would like to try for some sheephead, from the pier. I have gear but mostly wade fish, any help on how to rig and bait choice? Hook size, leader, etc. if not sheepshead what could be there with the colder water. Thanks for looking.


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    good skyway info here:

    But the red tide has been bad that way for a while.

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    I usually use a #1 or 2 super sharp j hook ( I use circles on everything else, just have better luck w j's and have never gut hooked a sheepshead). Depending on current, use the smallest splitshot you can get away with. 20- 30 lb Fluor leader. For bait, shrimp and fiddlers work well. I've also heard of folks using clams and oysters. I bury my hook as deeply as I can in a shrimp, and just hook a fiddler by boring a hole in the side the carapace w your hook. They will respond to a little chum of said baits and barnacles. Good luck
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    thanks for the tips, and about the red tide. That could change our plans or could catch and release. anyway it goes thanks guys for the help.
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    If you can find some large live barnacles, use a scraper and collect a bucket full. Then chum with them and use about 3 barnacles on a small circle hook and a split shot to help it sink. Sheepies can't help themselves from eating those.
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