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Hurricane Pass - New Markers?

I keep my boat at Marker 1 in Dunedin and typically go out of Clearwater Pass when the tide is dead low. I spent some time offshore on Thursday and decided to come back in through Hurricane Pass and noticed that there are some brand new Red markers and to my surprise the depth was consistent. Did they dredge the pass on the Caladesi side?


  • GratefulEdGratefulEd Posts: 316 Deckhand
    Was a dredge moored up just inside the pass on the Honeymoon side this past summer. Never saw it actually doing anything though.
    Did notice the new markers last weekend
  • MF32YFMF32YF Palm Harbor, FLPosts: 26 Greenhorn
    We run out of Home Port and have never seen HP as challenging as it was in 2016. From the ever changing channel, the crowds, and the local FWC who stopped us 3 times in the same week checking our license and safety equipment we have found other routes to open water.

    We had an after dark return from the Elbow last summer where we spent two hours in HP waiting on the tide to help push us off the bar - that was the end of our night time routes through this pass.

    I'm not aware of any dredging.

    Tight lines & safe passage for all in '17!
  • the butcherthe butcher Posts: 23 Greenhorn
    Yes new markers. Same channel. They just redirected the markers according to depth.
    I have used HP for many years and the last two years the most difficult for sure. Nice now though!
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