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December to Remember

The first 20 days of December for me have been great mild weather with great inshore fishing action. The big trout have really made a push on to the flats with fish average being over 20 inches.
The Redfish seem to be a bit more elusive but I've still managed to get some ones and twos here and there. haven't been able to locate the "big school" everyone wants to see. the fish I have been able to land have been med slot or over slot fish.they seem to be moving around on the flat a lot not sitting in a hole like they should be this time of year. probably due to the water temp still being up some. I usually fish Tampa bay but I have been venturing out a bit probably why I haven't found the good numbers. I just get frustrated with people cutting shore lines off or running right over the fish you are trying to catch which happens to me a lot.
The Small Snook seem to be everywhere you look which is great to see the numbers of healthy juvenile fish in every nook and cranny. plus there loads of fun to catch even though they are not picture worthy. hopefully everyone has a great holiday and tight lines.



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