Van Staal VSX 150 Silver $725

This Van Staal is literally BRAND NEW!

It was purchased yesterday afternoon (11/19) with the receipt and time of purchase to prove so. After fishing it for an hour or so I quickly decided that it wasn't compatible with my needs. I am a first time Van Staal owner so thats the reason for the quick indecisiveness.

Theres not a single scratch on this reel. It is absolutely beautiful.

The price is firm because this is such a recent purchase. With tax I paid a total of $790.73. If your in the market for a van steal reel this is a great opportunity to save yourself $65.

I haven't even registered it yet, so you can even register the lifetime warranty in your own name!

Remember, I have the receipt to prove the purchase along with the box/ packaging!!


  • gettinwetgettinwet Posts: 1,366 Officer
    Correction my earlier post was the wrong reel.
    There are only so many casts in life, so shut up and fish!!
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