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Vacation catchup 12/16-17-18

I took Friday off to fish with my buddy Steve on Rodman. The plan was to drag some minnows for specks. We probably caught 8 or so with one being a real slab, but overall it was really slow. All of my fish came on soft plastic grubs and not minnows which is odd. We abandoned that plan and started fishing some shiners near grass matts close to deep water. Caught one nice bass but that was it. Fun day catching up with Steve though, it had been a while.


The next day Adam was in town and there was a negative 1 foot tide predicted in the morning so we took the jet boat expecting real low water. We towed an airboat in that blew up its prop after sucking the cast net into it. The whole prop exploded and pieces flew a hundred yards in every direction, glad nobody got hurt. Nice people, hated to see that happen. We headed to some creeks I'd scouted earlier this year to hopefully fined holed up reds but it just didn't happen. The water was 70 or 72 in the creeks at times so I wonder if the fish didn't make their way out to the flats. The wind was howling from the south and it made the tide weird. I don't think it ever got to the negative low it was predicted to be, but the tide somehow kept going out until well after forecast. It still got pretty shallow, and the famous razor sharp limestone started to show itself in places.


We gave up on reds to wait for the incoming tide and found a hole that was loaded with good sized slot trout where we caught 20 or so middle or upper slot trout. Once we got some water back we looked for reds again. We were a little more successful this time with the higher water and I landed 4 or 5 middle slot reds and lost two studs on topwater. Crazy to be throwing topwater in late December. Anyway, we ran out of time before it really got good and the tide got as high as I'd have liked it to be but it was still a pretty solid day considering the wind and weird warm weather scattering fish everywhere. Threw all the fish back to catch another day.


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