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Smoked Venison.

I just finished my first attempt of smoking Venison. I am in HEAVEN. I had no idea it was going to be this good. Smoked it from 8 am to 1 pm over Hickory chips in my redneck smoker. It was hind quarter roasts from a small doe. UNBELIEVABLE!!! :thumbsup


  • no peekinno peekin Posts: 802 Officer
    Mind giving some details(seasonings,temp,time,etc.)?Thanks
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  • 001001 Posts: 4,292 Captain
    I always figured one would try out. Let's hear the scoop.
  • FLDeerHunterFLDeerHunter Posts: 144 Officer
    Seasoning was simple, Salt and pepper, and a little brown sugar for a light rub then I made a base with Cider Vinegar and brown sugar put about 2 tbl spoon of brown sugar in a cup of Cider Vin and dissolved the sugar brushed it every hour to keep moist. That's it! Temp was 190 - 225 for about 6-7 hrs.
  • 001001 Posts: 4,292 Captain
  • Panhandler80Panhandler80 Posts: 8,328 Moderator
    A couple years ago I gave my neighbor a medium sized doe ham (bone in) and he did something incredible-like when it came to the moisture and tenderness. I did not much care for his seasoning, but his technique was dyno-mite!

    I have been without a smoker for a while now (don't smoke hog all day in waste deep salt water using a four year old $100 Lowes smoker and expect it to last muc after that... especailly if you don't even hose it off. I gues cheap steel, heat and salt water is a bad combo!). I do need to get back in the smokin' busines, though.
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  • FlashFlash Posts: 11,193 AG

    Just don't over cook them.

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  • Dave1Dave1 Posts: 157 Deckhand
    Years ago I had one of the electric smokers and cooked a few whole venison hams on it. I don't remember the time or temp but it came out about a medium rare, was good, but would have been better if I had used better seasoning, maybe some injection, or ??? Venison is pretty lean so over cooking and drying out the meat is easy to do. To help keep the meat moist and prevent drying out, be sure to put a full pan of water in the smoker.

    I now either bone out the hams and then cut into smaller pieces and cook indiviually or have them boned, sliced, and cubed. Deer burger and cubed steak is my favorite but back straps and tenderloins are always cubed and fried with rice and gravy.

  • Gasman1Gasman1 Posts: 108 Deckhand
    Used to smoke venison hams & shoulder often years ago. Try seasoning them to your taste then completly cover them in mayo then smoke them. Sounds real nasty I know but when it is done you will never know it had any mayo on it and really helps quite a bit in keeping the meat moist.
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