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FUll moon, BIG Mango's and some Mahi

We made plans a few days ago to try some numbers out in 130' out of Pass A grille for this full moon. We started early at the skyway at 9 am and jigged up a bunch of silver dollar sized pins, and headed to the boat...left the dock at 2:30 and cast netted up a bunch of scaled sardines ona marker...one toss and done. Now, on our way. Fog was pretty bad but it cleared up about 30 miles out and just in time. As it cleared up we saw something floating in the water and nearly hit it. We made the call to turn around and check it out and glad we did. Tons of Dolphin on it. They weren't very eager to bite but we chummed them up with livies and ended up boating 14 in the 18-22" range. Not sure exactly what it was, but it looked like a 5'x5' fiberglass lid or something from a boat? Who knows. Anyways we got back on our way and got to our first destination right about at dark. Did a test drop with a fishfinder rig with a frozen dine and my buddy Will got nailed right away, and pulled up a 4lb mango. So we anchored up and started chumming and the snapper were pretty much consistent for 3 hrs. Got our 4 man limit of 40 plus we let go about 20 under 15". Lots of nice ones mixed in over 24". A few pigs in the 7-8lb range and we definitely left them biting. We scouted around while we were out there and picked up a nice 24" red grouper and decided to head in. Moon was awesome and there was a meteor shower too which was pretty wicked out there. Ride in was a lot more chilly than expected but it was glass calm. Overall, a pretty successful trip and filled up the freezer again until the next window of nice weather.


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