Report - Chasing the Kings Off Miami Beach(Haulover)

The original plan was to chase the snappers on the shallow reefs, but unfortunately the bait weren't cooperating so we opted for the Kings instead.

Calm Tuesday(12/13) morning much like today . The wind and seas finally gave us an opportunity to head offshore, after 3 weeks of just idling Spent an hour or so trying to get live bait, but large sized fingers were about all we could muster. As you probably already know, this fall and winter have been both a scorcher and rainy. It’s feeling like early October instead of mid-Dec.

Winds were pretty light out of the E/SE less than 7mph with a a very weak south current and high tide before 9am, as well as a Full Moon Good pods of ballyhoo are out on the deeper reef and edge past 100ft and they were getting whacked by Kingfish, some of which were rocketing. We were able to catch our limit of Kings pretty quick with the live finger mullet, and numerous cutoffs on jigs/verticals, too many to count. It’s near impossible to keep them away from the Kings. The grouper was released. and we were able to jump a sail (that gobbled up a large sized live finger mullet) that was running for it’s life from a big shark, what we think was probably a hammerhead.

Haven’t been out in nearly a month, so we really didn’t know what to expect. Just glad to be out on the water on a beautiful morning with a good buddy. The winds are probably going to pick up as the weekend approaches, so catchem while you can. Please subscribe to our channel, and we can give you the heads up before you head out.


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